Reminders Straight To Your Mobile
TextBuddy helps you ensure that you never forget anything important again!

Combining the power of the internet with the effectiveness of text messaging, TextBuddy will fast become the ideal way to remember those important dates such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even the boring things in life like the dentist or an MOT.

TextBuddy Corporate
Do you sent reminders to customers by post? Sending reminders by text is cheaper, faster and you can track them to ensure that they received their message.

Whether you are a dentists surgery reminding patients about appointments, or a video shop informing a customer that their video is overdue, TextBuddy is the most effective way of communicating.

Reminder credits are purchased in batches and we keep you informed as to how many you have left and to arrange top-ups. There is no expiry on any text credits purchased.

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TextBuddy Personal
Never forget a birthday again, or forget to service the car, just set the dates that you want to remember and TextBuddy will be on hand to remind you.

It costs nothing to set up an account with TextBuddy and you can have as many reminders as you want. Every time you receive a reminder, you will be charged 50p by your mobile phone operator, through your mobile phone bill.

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